Feel free to pick and choose any questions that inspire you…

Who’s your favourite character? What do you like about them?

Which character do you most strongly identify with?

Is there a character you pity? Why?

Who’s your least favourite character? What don’t you like about them?

Can you relate to the main character’s predicament?

How does the main character change by the end of the book? Is their transformation believable?

What does the main character learn, and how does this lesson impact their lives?

Are the characters believable? Are there any that strike you as unconvincing?

Are the characters fully developed as complex human beings? Are there any that you find one-dimensional?

Do you have a clear image of the characters in your mind? Are there any that you would have liked to be more clearly described?

Are there any characters you’d like to know more intimately?

What motivates the main character? Do you feel their actions are justified?

Do the characters have logical motives? Is any character driven by reasoning that seems weak or unfounded?

Are any characters forced to make a moral choice? What influences their decision? Would you have responded in the same way?

Which character would you invite to a dinner party? Why? If you could ask them just one question, what would it be?

If you could be someone in the book – either an existing character or a new one – what role would you like to play?

If the story is set or partly-set in a historical time period, did you find it convincing?

Is there anything unique about the setting? What did you most enjoy about it? What’s your least favourite part?

Did you learn anything interesting about a particular time or setting?

How are the character’s actions and responses influenced by this historical period?

Are there any characters who don’t suit the era? Do you think this was intentional?

What key themes does the author explore?

What symbols appear throughout the story to reinforce the themes? How might these symbols help to define the characters?

Is there a character who most strongly personifies a theme?

Which theme do you think is most powerful? Is it successfully conveyed to the reader?

What’s the book’s underlying message?

How might the themes or events in the story reflect the author’s world view?

Does the book end the way you expected?

Were you surprised by any twists? Which ones did you guess? If you guessed the ending, did it spoil the story for you … or do you enjoy second-guessing the author?

Is the ending satisfying? If not, how would you rewrite it?

Were you moved by the story? Did it affect you in a personal way?

Do you feel you have a better understanding of human nature, or a new awareness of an aspect of yourself? How did the book broaden your perspective?

Is there a scene that you found particularly memorable? Why do you think this scene affected you?

Is there a paragraph or passage you especially loved? What do you like about it?

How do you feel about the author’s writing style? Was it sparse, or richly descriptive? Do you think the choice of style suits the story?

Do you agree with the reviews of the book? Did the story live up to your expectations?

Does the book’s cover and blurb successfully represent the story?

Have you read any other of the author’s books? If so, how do they compare? Are any of the characters similar? Are there common themes?

In the movie version, who would play the main characters?

What question would you most like to ask the author?